Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18

So I did level 2 again today, after shirking my 'responsibilities' for some time now. It was a struggle to breathe through the exertion, what with all this humidity we've been having lately. (40 on the humidex, which sounds better/worse? in fahrenheit: 104). The actual high temperature today was 31 degrees, or 88 degrees, for those in the US.

My sweet hubby prodded me along, swept the floor in front of the computer, made me put the DVD on. Got down on the floor next to me a few times and did parts of the work out. Then brought me water and a towel afterwards. Either the sweetest hubby ever, or is tired of looking at my fat ass!

I've joined a 30 Day Challenge on one of my mommy boards. We'll see who is the biggest loser in a month's time. Fun stuff. I may die.

Todays foods:
-Special K with raisins & soy milk
-lg coffee with choc soy milk
-1 pear
-10 yellow plums
-1 medium Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino
-Tim Horton's 'turkey bacon club' sandwich on white bread with lettuce, tomato & honey mustard
-Tim Horton's boston cream donut (any guesses where I went for lunch today???!)
-1/4 wheat & honey bagel, toasted with butter
-big piece of mozza cheese
- salmon & haddock with basamati rice & peas
-237 ml Sprite

Oops - editing to add these forgotten foodies:
-2 cookies, 2 glasses lemonade, 2 rice krispie squares with chocolate sauce from the lemonade stand down the street.

Plus side:
-Slow 2 km walk

Minus side:
-donut, sprite, cappuccino + lemonade stand goodies = lots of fat/sugar, but otherwise ok day!

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