Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30th

Breakfast, 7:30
Instant oatmeal, plain, with cinnamon.
Lg coffee with almond milk

Snack, 11am
Several handfuls almonds

Lunch, 12pm
Scrambled egg whites with almond milk & goat cheese

Snack, 2:30
4 ryvita crackers with goat's cheese
1 bag of Corn Twists
Peppermint tea

Snack, 5pm

Supper, 6pm
Rice with tofu, broccoli, cauliflower. Seasoned with Bragg's Soy Sauce.

Snack, 9pm
Green tea

Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29, day 13

Snack, 6:30am
2/3 banana

Breakfast, 7:30
Approx 1.5 cups steel cut oatmeal with apple & cinnamon
Lg coffee with almond milk

Snack, 11:30
Several handfuls of almonds

Lunch, 1pm
Approx 2 cups tuna casserole

Snack, 4:30
4 ryvita (oat & sesame) crackers with almond butter

Supper, 6pm
chickpea, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, goat feta salad

Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28, day 12


Breakfast, 7:30
2 spelt muffins (duh)
lg coffee with almond milk

Lunch, 12pm
2 pieces homemade pizza (ham, broccoli, goat cheese, brown rice crust)
handful plain potato chips

Snack, 2:45
1 cup steel cut oats, apples, cinnamon

Snack 4-5
Celery sticks, cucumber, tomato, handful chips & corn chips, 1 slice each deli turkey, ham, roast beef (Took the boys to a birthday party - holymoly, was I ever tempted to have cookies and chocolate cake!!!!!!!!!)

Supper, 6pm
Spelt muffin, small portion steak, 3 store-bough pirogies, lots of goat feta cheese, grapefruit

Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27, day 11

Discouraged today, and craving pound cake with lots and lots of fluffy buttercream frosting. *drool*


Breakfast, 7:30
Approx 1.5 cups oatmeal (steel cut) with chopped apple & cinnamon

Snack, 9am

Snack, 10am
32g bag plain microwave popcorn

Lunch, 12pm
1 cup tuna noodle casserole

Snack, 1pm
4 Spelt banana blueberry muffins - homemade, no sugar added. (3.7g sugar each, though.)
(Click for larger - bake muffins at 350 for 30 minutes. )

Snack, 4:30
Yet another spelt muffin

Supper, 5:30
2 pieces homemade pizza: brown rice flour crust (no yeast), boiled tomato & garlic sauce thickened with corn starch, ham, broccoli, goat feta and goat mozza. YUM!
Approx 1/2 cup homemade brown rice pudding made with cinnamon & almond milk

Snack, 7:30
Yep, another spelt muffin. I really need to stop. I have a problem. They are so good... help!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 26, Day 10


Breakfast, 7:30am
mix of organic puffed rice and corn cereals with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 3/4 banana
lg coffee with unsweetened almond milk

Snack, 11am
Whole package rice & sesame crackers with pepper hummus

Lunch, 12
About 1.5 cups of tuna casserole, made with wheat pasta, goat mozza & skim mozza, cream of mushroom soup, peas. Not ideal for the candida regime, but minimal sugars (something like 4g per serving?)

Snack, 3pm
4 ryvita crackers with goat cheese, green tea

Supper, 6pm
Pork chop with garlic & tomato on rice noodles
Red grapefruit
4 ryvita crackers with almond butter

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25, day 9

~Today's Foodies~

Breakfast, 7:30
Plain instant oatmeal with cinnamon, banana

Second breakfast, 10am
Lg coffee with rice milk; 1.5 Tim Horton's egg sandwiches (just egg on a biscuit, supposedly only 4g sugars in the bread, no idea what the egg might have been mixed with...)

Lunch: 1pm
Most of a 19oz can of chickpeas made into a salad with chopped green pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lemon & dill spice, oil, splash of vinegar, small amount of grated skim mozza. YUM!

Snack: 4pm
Last bit of chickpea salad

Supper, 6pm
Lentils with basamati rice, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, corn & spices

Snack, 8:30
3 ryvita & sesame crackers with approx 2 TBSP goat cheese (ok'd by ND)

Plus side:
Two 3km walks
45 min Mommies in Motion class

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, day 8

Had a consult with my naturopath today. Here are the modifications to my current no sugar/dairy/gluten regime: Take 6-10 garlic capsules per day, take 6 probiotics per day, limit myself to 1 pc of fruit per day. I can have goat cheese. She said that since for me, sugar is the #1 bad-ass, if I have to slip some dairy/wheat in there to get by, then that's what I need to do. And my ultimate goal is 6 MONTHS (*gulp*) on the plan, since I have some pretty hardcore symptoms of candida overgrowth.., (Biggest one is the extreme underarm itching I've struggled with for 2 years. I've tried everything possible to make it go away on my own.) But my immediate goal needs to be to make it to Christmas, and then if I must indulge in sweets, to try not to go overboard. Yeah, we'll see. But then right back on that wagon. (Of course, the more sugar I eat over the holidays, then the longer I'm going to have to stay on this plan. Bugger.)

~Todays Foodies~

Breakfast, 7:30am
Organic plain corn pops with plain soy milk
Lg coffee with plain soy milk

Snack 10am
4 rice crackers

Snack 12pm
4 ryvita & sesame crackers with almond butter
Lunch, 1:30:
Lg egg white frittata with parmesean, broccoli & ham (probably equal to 6 egg whites)
Lg coffee with plain soy milk

Snack 3:30:
3.5 ryvita crackers

Supper 6pm
Swiss Chalet Chopped Salad, minus the craisins, plus avocado & tomato, with lemon garlic dressing. (440 cal, 27g fat, 13g sugars, but that's with the craisins included, so this should be ok.)

Snack: 8pm
Rice crackers, baby carrots (ooooh, the sugar!) and hummus.

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, day 7


Breakfast, 7:30am
1 cup steel cut oatmeal with apples & cinnamon. Lg coffee with plain soy milk. Banana

Snack 11am
5 ryvita & sesame crackers, apple

Lunch, 12:30
3 corn tortillas with rice, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas & hummus, 1/16th Freezer Fudge

Snack: 3:30
Half bag of almonds

Supper 5:30pm
50g plain rice crackers, 100g hummus; approx 1 cup steel oats/apples/cinnamon; 1 Larabar - "Cocoa Coconut Chew" - 240 cal, 13g fat, 22g naturally occurring sugars. YUM! But oh so bad for me!

Snack 9:30pm:
32g bag microwave popcorn, plain.

Plus side:
4 km walk, wearing Felix for 1 km

Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22, day 6

Holy wicked headache last night. Hot flashes, sweats, nausea... I took an ibuprofen and went to bed at 7:30. Felt a million times better when Felix woke me around midnight.

~Today's Foodies~
Breakfast, 7:30am
Steel cut oats, simmered with cinnamon and chopped apples, roughly 1 cup. Added a bit of plain soy milk. Lg coffee with plain soy milk. 1/2 hard boiled egg. 1 pear.

Snack 10am:
3 ryvita & sesame crackers with almond butter

Snack 11:30am:
Approx half a bag of baby carrots (1lb) and 3/4 container of lemon dill hummus (6oz)

Lunch 1pm:
1 black bean burger, sweet potato fries, guacamole, 1/3 banana

Snack 3pm:
2 small pc Freezer Fudge (2/16th of a 1/2 batch), apple

Supper 5:30pm:
Baked chicken (lightly breaded with rice crumbs, parmesean, pepper, garlic, cayenne), basamati rice, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, peas. Applesauce.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21, day 5

Today, I'm craving raisins. Go figure. Picked up some Yoso vanilla soy yogurt at the grocery store this morning. Haven't tried it yet. It contains dextrose, fructose, cane juice, & yeast extract, so it's definitely not candida-diet approved, but maybe I can work on my "all things in moderation" problem. Still, it supposedly only has 4g of sugars per 1/2 cup serving. (Hmmm, the nutritional info on their website doesn't match up with what it on the container in my fridge. Curious.)

I woke up with a headache this morning and it's still there. Trying to flood it away with lots of water, but no luck so far. Maybe some tea will help? Or, maybe it's just residual aching left over from my chiro appointment yesterday. Nah, it's in the front of my head, as well as my neck.

~Today's Foodies~

Breakfast, 9am:
Organic, plain puffed corn cereal with plain soy milk & a banana, lg coffee with plain soy milk (Plain, but it still has added sugar. Once this carton is empty, I'm switching to the unsweetened version.)

Snack, 10:30am:
Apple, 1/4 package rice crackers (25 g)

Lunch, 12:15pm:
Brown rice noodles with homemade sauce: cooked & pureed tomato, red pepper, squash, garlic, spices. Pecan Larabar (oops - 18g naturally occurring sugars, from the dates. But, damn, it was good!), 3 Ryvita & sesame crackers with almond butter (Rye grain still contains gluten, though it's supposedly much less of an allergen than wheat gluten.)

Snack:, 3pm
Pomegranate green tea, 1/2 package rice crackers (50g), lemon dill hummus

Supper, 5pm:
2 black bean burgers (made with freshly ground puffed rice cereal crumbs instead of bread crumbs), sweet potato fries, sliced tomato, guacamole, applesauce (100ml)

Plus side:
165 lbs this morning, after breakfast
2 km walk wearing Felix

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sugar & dairy free, Day 4

Yep, you read that title correctly. I have been (mostly) sugar, dairy & gluten/yeast free for 4 days. Loosely following the Candida Diet my naturopathic doctor is always telling me I need to do. Holy crap, who'da thunk I'd actually go through with it?! The shortest term goal was to keep it up while Jay was away. (He's away for work and back late tonight.) I figured if I could make it through 4 days with the kids all by myself, I could make it through anything. Next goal is 2 weeks, which takes me to December 1st. Long term goal is 6 weeks, but that's probably unrealistic as it extends beyond Christmas. But if I can keep it up for 4 1/2 weeks, to the end of the last week before holidays, then I should have a good idea of how well this detox is going. And then, maybe, I can ease myself back into things. Wheat/gluten isn't as huge a problem are for me, except that I gobble down grain products like no ones business. But hey, who am I trying to kid? I gobble down everything like it's my last meal.

*Breakfasts over the last 4 days have consisted of some combination of oatmeal (steel cut or instant), eggs (hardboiled) and a piece of fruit (pear, apple, banana), plus coffee with plain soy milk.
*Snacks have been almond butter, popcorn, corn chips, Ryvita crackers. Lots of herbal tea and water. Whole plain almonds. Feta cheese (but only because it was about to expire and I didn't want it to go to waste. Mmmm, salty goodness.) Baby carrots.
*Meals have been veggie wraps, soups, rice noodles, meat & potatoes. (I'm shoveling in a large potion of Shepard's Pie as I type.)

So yes, lots of fruit sugars in there, but I figure it's better than what I was eating before. And hopefully I can wean myself down to one piece per day. And I'm allowing myself to make my Freezer Fudge again today. I have a good supply of almond butter, which will be yummy in it. Now, the test is to make sure I don't eat it all. Maybe 2-3 pieces a day. It's made with pure maple syrup, so at least it's unrefined, but it's still sugar. Maybe I shouldn't make it?

I almost screwed myself up big time by making Chocolate Avocado Pudding on day 1. I found the recipe in the Deceptively Delicious cookbook and it looked intriguing (a GFCF version can be found here.) I only had 1 avocado on hand, so I halved the recipe. Still, it had 1/2 cup of icing sugar in it (YUM!) but, luckily for me, the avocado taste was too overpowering and reminded me very much of my extreme avocado aversion days while prego with Elliot. Ugh. Vomit memory is a terrible thing. So I only had a few bites. Felix tried one tiny spoonful, squeezed his eyes shut, shook his head vigorously and pushed it out of his mouth with his tongue. Elliot loved it and ate every last bite in 2 sittings.

You know what I'm craving the most right now? I figured it would be chocolate (and let me tell you, borrowing "Curious George Visits a Chocolate Factory" for Elliot from the library on day 1 of this adventure was a dumb move on my part!), but surprisingly, it's yogurt. All I want is creamy, fruity yogurt. Blueberry. Or peach. Which probably means my body wants some calcium, so I should take a supplement or eat some more leafy greens. Or maybe I can find a good sugar-free plain yogurt. Or goat yogurt. That might take the edge off. I've always been able to tolerate plain yogurt better than any of the flavoured ones. Hmmm, is this true of all lactose intolerant people or just me?

Other than a wicked headache last night, I've been feeling good. Happier and more patient with the boys, which surprised the crap outta me, since I've been on-duty non stop since Tuesday. I remember getting sick somewhere around day 5-7 each time I've done this candida diet in the past, so we'll see how I'm feeling in a few more days. Though, to be fair, I'm not sticking to it as strictly as I have before. Not sure if that's to my benefit or not. But we'll see where I end up.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Catching up to Nov 7

Too much crap food to recount. Including a full loaf of raisin bread within a 24 hour span. Lots of chocolate.

Debating the pros/cons to continuing this depressing food journal. I don't feel accountable and I should. I am lazy and don't feel like typing things up. And I'm not being diligent enough to note the amounts I'm eating.... however, if I do get myself together and start watching what I eat and working out, having a food journal well underway will be beneficial.

Today ~ Nov 7 ~
-raisin bran with soy milk
-lg coffee with choc soy milk
-3 pc roasted veggie & goat cheese pizza (3/4 store brand pizza)
-apple juice
-5 suckers
-3 halloween mini chocolate bars
-handful stolen M&Ms
-2 pears
-lots of grapes
-small glass white wine
-8 pc store brand Toblerone bar (large - this was maybe a third of the 400g bar??)
-spaghetti with meat & veggie sauce, & cheddar

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 2-3

Nov 2
-lg coffee with choc soy milk
-sloppy joe wrap
-tealess chai tea with soy milk
-lots of halloween candy

Plus side:
slow 2km walk in am
slow 2 km walk in pm

Nov 3
-honeynut cheerios with some all bran, soy milk
-lg coffee, coc soy milk
-2 apples
-lots of cheese
-1 pear
-lots of halloween candy
-2 fish cakes with ketchup & mayo (white & sweet potato, rice, carrots, cauliflower, salmon, spices, egg)
-1/2 box of mini ritz cheese crackers

Plus side
Ummmm, does potty training count?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 31 - November 1

October 31

-uncountable mini-chocolate Halloween candy
-3/4 loaf of raisin bread
-lg coffee with choc soy milk
-yogurt - maybe 1 cup?
-Moroccan soup (maybe? I don't remember)
-rice, salmon, peas

Plus side:
slooooow walk down the block trick-or-treating

Vitamins & supplements:
D - 1000 UI
Pulsatilla 30K- 3 pellets
Acidophilus - 3 capsules
Flax oil - 5ml

November 1

-more candy
-2 pc toast with PB & J
-lg coffee with choc soy milk
-1/2 avocado & cheese tortilla wrap with a few kidney beans
-small soy chai latte
-1 sloppy joe on a kaiser roll
-2 fish cakes, salad
-1 glass white wine
-chocolate lava cake, ice cream
-green tea
-more candy

Plus side:
Slow 3km walk
Slow 1 km walk

Vitamins & supplements:
D - 1000 UI
Pulsatilla 30K- 3 pellets
Acidophilus - 3 capsules
Flax oil - 5ml