Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31

Ugh. Bad food day. ... Ok, now that I've got it all typed out, it's not as bad as I imagined. But, maybe I'm missing something because I swear I was stuffing my face Ok... rereading the list, there's a lot of crap in there.

-2/3 of a loaf of banana bread
- 1 hard boiled egg
-2 pc whole wheat toast with butter
-lots of grapes
-large coffee with cream
-3 apples
-large "Tiger Butter" candy apple (chocolate & caramel)
-California roll sushi
-whole bag of goldfish crackers
-handful of chocolate easter eggs
-roast beef with sour cream, rice, green beans
-homegrown lettuce & beet green salad with cucumber, tomato, feta & balsamic vinegrette
-handful of stale M&Ms
-frozen yogurt tube

Plus side:
Walked to the mall and back (3km)

Minus side:
Whole bag of goldfish crackers - 900 cal, 31.5 g fat, 1530 mg sodium
Lots of chocolate

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30

-3 pc oatmeal toast with PB & J
-large coffee with cream
-1/2 banana
-thick pea & bean soup with sourdough garlic bread
-2 mint carob chip cookies
-1 "rocky road" snickers chocolate bar
-3 leftover easter eggs
-shepherd's pie: gr beef, peas, corn, gravy, mashed potatoes (milk/butter), mozza
-2 pc banana bread
-decaf tea

Plus side: participated in osteopathic postural study - may have improved posture? Results to follow... walked to the clinic, Café, grocery store and back (3.5 km), walked to pick up Elliot from daycare (2km)

Minus side: 2 cookies & a chocolate bar & chocolates!!

July 29

Another fine, outside day!
Weekly weigh-in: 161 (woot - down 1 lb!), evening, unclothed

-2 pc toast with PB & J
-chocolate protein shake made with soy milk
-1.3 banana
-Starbucks decaf soy mocha, no whip
-Starbucks date & oat muffin (yum!!)
-tofu noodle alfredo
-2 bean & veggie fajitas with sour cream
-1/2 apple with peanut butter
-6 cheese rice cakes
-lots of water
-handful of chocolate (6-7 small leftover easter eggs)

Plus side - fast walk downtown in blistering heat, wearing Felix in carrier on return trip (5km total)

Minus side: skipped exercise class yet again

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28

Finally, some sunshine!!!!!!

-Special K with banana, yogurt & soymilk
-large coffee with choc soy milk
-"1990's Harvest" at Cora's - raisin brioche (2), 1 egg, bacon, lots of fruit, maple syrup, plus a side of potatoes
- iced tea
-most of Felix's kid-sized fruit cocktail smoothy
-1 small piece fudge (only 1!!!!!!!)
-215 grams organic raisins (testing to see if it's the sulphites in regular raisins that effect me so badly)
-roast beef with rice and green beans
-2 pc oatmeal toast with PB&J
-1 oz-ish mozza cheese
-several handfuls of M&Ms (sorry, Jay!)

Plus side:
Lots of walking! Went downtown and back (5km). Went to pick up Elliot from daycare wearing Felix on my back (<2km)

Minus side:
Ate until bursting at lunch.

July 27

-2pc oatmeal toast w/PB & J
-large coffee w/choc soy milk
-special K with soy milk & banana
-7 micro-mini pizzas from homemade dough with sliced turkey, mozza, pineapple, feta
-lots of pineapple
-couple slices watermelon
-1/3 large bag of plain corn chips
-chocolate protein drink, made with soy milk instead of water
-noodles with tofu, broccoli & mushrooms in alfredo sauce
-7 cheese flavoured rice cakes
-2 squares 70% baker's chocolate
-1 cup pomegranate green tea
-lots of raisins

Plus side: chose rice cakes instead of a full bag of goldfish crackers!

Minus side: no walks or exercise

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26

Oy, what a day! We celebrated Felix's first birthday today... so, without further adieu, here's the food list:

-2 pc oatmeal toast with PB & jam
-20-ish yellow plums
-coffee with cream & sugar
-pineapple slices
-watermelon slices
-strawberries with chocolate
-6 cupcakes with frosting
-3 mini pizzas (really mini, topped with sauce & cheese)
-corn chips & hummus
-noodles & chicken
-bean burgers with hummus, avocado & sour cream, sweet potato fries
-yogurt with honeydew melon

Plus side: some healthy foods in there. Played in the yard with the kids (got out of breath running around with them in the wagon!)

Minus side: yeah.

I ordered a work out DVD last night - it should be here within 2 weeks. We'll see if I can stick to/find time for the 30 Day Shred.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25

Ugh. So I got around to taking my measurements today. And yep, gonna post them on the internet so my whole 3 readers can cringe along with me.


I'm a freakin' rectangle!!!!!! And for optimum heart health and to keep me at a low risk for type 2 diabetes and a bunch of other not-fun things, I should have a waist measuring under 35". *sigh* Depressing.

Todays foodies:
-Special K with banana & soymilk
-half basket of yellow plums (20?)
-more fudge (4-5pc?) **It's all gone now - hurray!)
-4 pc oatmeal/brown bread toast with PB & J
-handful goldfish crackers
-Large portion 4 cheese noodles with baked chicken breast

Plus side: ummmmmmm
Minus side: Fudge headache continues.

July 24


-Special K with yogurt & banana & soy milk
-3 blueberry muffins
-leftover chicken risotto
-2 coffee with choc soy milk & cream
-pan o'fudge
-bowl of mac & cheese with peas & extra mozza
-1 glass wine
-bacon wrapped scallops (6?)
-lots of corn chips & pita bread with a variety of cream cheese dips
-carrot & celery sticks, cucumbers slices, tomatoes
-2 spring rolls & spicy sauce
-3 crab(?) stuffed mushroom caps
-4 meatballs in sauce

Plus side: nuthin'
Minus side: I have a fudge headache. Rest courtesy of K&G wedding reception. Congrats!

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 23

-scrambled eggs
-toast with butter
-6? homemade blueberry muffins
-1/2 pan of fudge
-grilled cheese sandwich
-little bit of creamed corn
-2 coffees with soy milk, little bit of cream
-chicken risotto (rice, peas, corn, chicken, chicken broth, parmeasan cheese)
-bread and dip
-cheese & crackers
-sliced pepperoni
-lots of fruit (strawberry, melon, blueberries, grapes)
-2 small glass wine
-2 small glass fizzy peach juice

Plus side: not much - walk to Elliot's daycare (<2km)
Minus side courtesy of Kyla's bachelorette gathering!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22

Holding steady at 162. Evening. Clothed.

Today's eats:
-Special K cereal with banana and yogurt
-2 pc ww toast with PB & J
-coffee with choc soy milk
-small bowl salt & vinegar chips (sorry, dear)
-1/2 yogurt tube
-handful goldfish crackers
-bowl of store bought mac & cheese, with extra mozza added in
-rotini pasta with scallops & tomato in homemade wine, butter & garlic sauce
-1 glass white wine

An ok food day, as far as sugar binges go. No walks and I didn't make it to my exercise class due to torrential rain.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21

Seriously, I need to do something about what I'm eating! I'm glad I started blogging my food diary - it's a great start. Lets me see what I've been eating and where I need to make changes. It also makes me think twice - sometimes thrice - about what I'm about to eat, and has me watching calories and fat content a bit more closely. So it's a start.

I need to avoid raisins. I love them, but they do not agree with me. Such foul gas afterwards - my poor husband. There, I admitted that on the Internet. Such a lady I am! I also should do some sort of colon cleanse. Something to clean out all the fermented sugar that I know is hanging out in my gut causing all this bloat. I seriously look pregnant. Other people gain weight in a normal fashion - I gain it in my tummy. Oh, my thighs, butt and arms have definitely seen better days, and my hips & ribcage haven't yet shrunk down after they spread asunder while I grew two humans in such a short span of time. I'm imagining some sort of vacuum sealing device that could suck all the extra air out of me?? I'm certain I would go down at least 3 pants' sizes. I haven't yet done my measurements, but I think my waist is around 40"... YIKES!

I'm still breastfeeding, so I know my body will retain a layer of fat for that, about 5-10 lbs worth. (Lovingly referred to as "maternal fat stores" in all the pregnancy books.) Along with that fat, my boobs probably weigh another 10 lbs total, more when they are full of milk. Oh joy!

Dear reader, aren't you glad you clicked on this blog??!

Moving on to my dailies...


-Special K cereal with plain yogurt, soy milk & raisins
-large coffee with choc soy milk
-6? nectarines
-1 cup-ish goldfish crackers
-2/3 bag of miniature marshmallows
-quesadilla made with gr. beef, red & green pepper, lots of cheddar cheese, tomato, & taco seasoning. Served with sour cream.
-lots of water (yay!)
-All-Bran honey nut cereal bar
-2 bowls of crockpot chili with rice (black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, corn, hot dogs, spices, pizza sauce)
-hot chocolate with a splash of Baileys Irish Cream

Plus side:
Slow walk to pick up Elliot from daycare (<2 km)

Minus side:
Too much sugar, again! 2/3 bag of mini marshmallows - seriously? Gah!

Ah well... tomorrow is another day. Exercise class in the morning, weekly weigh-in tomorrow night. Fun times!

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20

Today's food:
-scrambled eggs with 2 pc ww toast
-5? 6? nectarines
-handful goldfish crackers
-bowl of plain yogurt with raisins
-1/2 apple
-2 100% fruit freezies
-lots of cheddar cheese
-4 tacos (1 hard shell, 3 soft, gr beef & sauce, red & green pepper, cheese, tomato)
-1 chocolate protein shake, made with soy milk instead of water
-1/3 bag mini marshmallows

Plus side:
Slow walk to the grocery store and back (2.3 km total)

Minus side:
Still not balanced or fully healthy!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19

Nice family day today... long walk, good food, lots of sunshine, then a nap for all...

-2pc ww toast w/PB & J
-grapefruit juice
-coffee with choc soymilk
-All-Bran honey nut cereal bar
-Chicken veggie sandwich
-garden salad
-3 large glasses of iced tea
-3 nectarines
-1 apple
-handful of raisins
-Dairy Queen peanut buster parfait
-hotdog with ketchup
-1/2 bag whole wheat goldfish crackers

Plus side:
Long walk to the waterfront to look at the Tall Ships, wearing Felix in one direction. (6.5 km total), a good 2 km of the return trip was uphill.

Minus side:
Peanut buster parfait, 3 glasses of iced tea!

I need to get more balanced meals, higher protein, lower sugar/carbs. And I need to eat a bigger breakfast than just toast!

July 18

Soooooo, the following list is due to the wonderful time had by all at Holly's stagette in Mahone Bay.

-2 pc ww toast with PB & jam
-coffee w/choc soymilk
-grapefruit juice
-cheesy rice & sausage
-lots of chips
-lots of chocolate
-lobster dip & baguette
-chicken & veggie sandwich
-spinach salad
-chocolate mocha cheesecake
-celery & carrot sticks
-3 nectarines
-sweedish berry candies
-1/3 banana
- 4 glass wine
-2 gin & sprite
-lots of peanut butter fudge

Plus side:
Lots of walking on a scavenger hunt in the rain (2+ km)
Swimming - treaded water for at least 10 minutes

Minus side:
Too much alcohol and crap food.... !!! But oh so enjoyable!

Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17

Hmmmmm, maybe a better title for this blog would be "The one where I talk about what I ate today"... if anyone wants to calculate the total calories/fat I consume in a day and post it in a comment, by all means knock yourself out, dear reader!

Today's foods:
-2pc whole wheat toast with peanut butter & blueberry jam
-lots of plain grapefruit juice (aka "evil death juice", as per Jay)
-1/4ish cup of raisins
-1/4ish cup of plain almonds
-large half-decaf coffee with chocolate soy milk
-2 pc tomato/pineapple/bacon pizza
-2pc garlic fingers
-1/2 All-Bran honey nut cereal bar
-1 bag plain microwave popcorn (300 cal, 5 g fat)
-1 large "tiger butter" candy apple (chocolate and caramel dip)
-1/3 banana
-2 servings homemade "Cheesy rice & sausage" (1% milk, butter, flour, cheddar cheese, spices, sausage, basamati rice, peas)
-1 small apple
-most of a large bag (250 g) of Doritos

Plus side:
-walked to mall & grocery store (3 km total)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16

Just to double check last night's weigh-in, I climbed back on the scale this morning, unclothed. It was only 2 lbs lighter, so I guess it's accurate. Blah! So I'm back where I was before getting pregnant with Felix, but I'm also 9 lbs heavier than I was 3 months ago. Which is still 27 lbs away from where I want to be. Oops.

Today's foods:
-Starbucks tall-decaf-soy-no whip-mocha & pear/almond muffin & 1/4 banana loaf (shared with Felix)
-healthy sushi lunch (california roll, salad, spicy sauce, rice & nori from Felix's avocado roll)
-2 pc whole wheat toast with peanut butter and blueberry jam
-All-Bran honey nut cereal bar
-1/4 cup raisins
-1/2 medium garlic fingers
-2 pc bacon, tomato, pineapple pizza
-2 glass sprite

Not a bad day, but by no means a great one! I somehow forgot to eat breakfast and then only realized it when I was so hungry I could have eaten my child at 10am. Thus, Starbucks.

Plus side:
-Walked down town and back, carrying a sleeping Felix in one direction. (6 km total)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15

162 lbs. Evening. Clothed.

Plus side:
-jogged most of way to exercise class this morning (1.5 km), walked back (1.5 km)
-gave a good 75% at my Mommies in Motion class - Tina worked us hard, doing jumping jacks, squats and abs for 45 minutes
-healthy supper of baked salmon, rice, peas & corn

Minus side:
-consumed 131g box Mint Chocolate Buds (705 cal, 37g fat), 250g Twizzlers (855 cal, 3.2g fat), 1 glass wine (50 cal)
-sat on my butt for most of the rest of the day

Holy crap. Just writing out those figures is enough to make me sick. This will be good self-accountability.