Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9

-2 pc whole wheat toast with peanut butter & jam
-3 nectarines
-3 peaches
-4 small banana-chocolate chip muffins
-lg coffee with cream
-3 pc cheese bread with butter
-plain yogurt with sliced peaches & blueberries
-mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate fudge mixed in on a waffle cone
-iced soy chai latte
-hamburger with dill pickle, ketchup, mustard, mayo & cheese, spicy fries, 2 large portions of Asian salad (noodles, lettuce, cabbage, dried pineapple, sliced almond, ginger dressing)
-gin & soda with blueberries
-blueberry yop
-corn chips with hummus

Plus side:
-fast 3k walk, slow 5k walk, 15 minutes of pilates

Minus side:
too much food, too much ice cream

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