Sunday, April 11, 2010


That is all.

Oh, and maybe some tea. And steak. With sour cream. And pirogies. And pancakes. And ice cream.

***Too Much Info Alert***

For the last few weeks, I've had frequent, but intermittent pain in the middle right side of my abdomen - about a finger width up and 3 finger widths over from my belly button. It's tender to push on and reminds me, eerily, of when I was pregnant and would get an elbow or knee pushing out of me. It feels a *bit* more solid there than on the other side.

Yes, I'm gassy. Yes, I'm eating a bunch of foods that I know I'm sensitive to and shouldn't be having. My bowel habits have changed a bit, but are still moving. I'm not pregnant - at least, I keep having negative tests and periods. But even my periods are different over the last few months - arriving later than usual, staying shorter than usual, and are alternating between being heavy/painful and almost non-existent.

No idea. Maybe a kink in my intestines? (seems too high for that) A hernia? A stone-baby? Trapped gas? Nothing at all? I'm seeing my dr for something else on Tuesday and will be telling her about it.

I was speaking with my aunt-by-marriage last weekend and she has Crohn's... we were comparing symptoms and it sounds like I could be setting myself up for a trip down that road in the next few years. She was diagnosed when she was only 5 years older than I am now, but said that based on the testing/questions, hers was late-onset and she'd been battling it since her teens without knowing it. She's not a blood relation, but there are many digestive issues in my family.

*sigh* Yet another reason I really need to get myself off the sugar/dairy/wheat/etc and back on track.

Still ok in the weight department: 156 the other morning. Surprising, since the belly seems bigger than ever. And the pregnancy comments are popping up again. Still want/need to lose at least 15 lbs.

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