Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2

It turned out pretty good. Everyone ate it. There were some yummy leftovers. I'll make it again!

Crockpot lasagna
(based on the recipe at A Year of Slow Cooking)

Regular lasagna noodles (I used spinach)
Ricotta cheese
Pasta sauce
Ground turkey
Shredded cheese

Brown meat using whatever spices you normally use. (I used garlic, salt & pepper). Add chopped broccoli and sauce once meat is cooked. (SAVE the sauce jar - don't rinse or toss.) Break noodles up in order to layer them on the bottom of the crockpot. Add a layer of the meat sauce. Add another layer of noodles. Spread on some ricotta and shredded cheese. More noodles. Repeat until all ingredients are used up. Put more cheese on the very top. Take 1/4 cup of water and put it in the mostly empty sauce jar. Put the lid back on and shake it up. Pour over the lasagna. Cover and cook on low for about 6 hours. I referenced 2 recipes when making this. One said to cook on low for 4 hours, one said 8. I aimed for 6 and found the results to be good. It's a dry lasagna, not saucy like the oven baked ones I usually do.

I emailed a friend this past week to see about getting me a guest pass at the gym he goes to, which happens to be at the end of my street. Soooo, as soon as I can get my lazy butt out of bed by 5:30am, I'll be heading over for an hour or so, leaving Jay to deal with the boys and breakfast. Should be able to fit in a good work out before dropping the boys at daycare and heading to work. And boy oh boy do I need it!

Today is a lazy and sleepy Sunday at home. I had a 2 hour nap while Jay took the boys to the playground this morning, then gave them lunch. I am simply wiped from working full tilt the last 3 months. Things are slowing down at work now, so hopefully I can get caught up on things. And hire a housekeeper, because frankly, I'm a lazy bum!

The boys are playing and watching Wall-E and I'm making Be's granola whilst blogging. Pics and details to follow soon, hopefully.


Anonymous said...

I know that you're busy, but update please! :)

Rainyday said...

Thanks for the prod! I will, soon!