Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back at it

Spent some time vacationing at my mom's and have been living off of the sparse contents of the fridge since we got home. Trying to avoid the grocery store until our usual Saturday run, but we're out of some essentials (bread, milk, eggs) so we'll see...

Today I tried a recipe a bunch of moms on one of my message boards raved about: Kale Chips.

Tear kale into tiny bits. I seasoned them with vegetable oil, sea salt and Epicure's Red Garlic Sansel spice. Baked on a cookie sheet at 375 for unknown minutes. (Supposed to be 15.)

Crispy out of the oven

The verdict? Tasty - but next time I won't cook them for so long. I was on the phone and couldn't even begin to tell you how long they were in for!

Elliot is not a fan. Not a surprise.

Felix will eat anything.

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