Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25

Ugh. So I got around to taking my measurements today. And yep, gonna post them on the internet so my whole 3 readers can cringe along with me.


I'm a freakin' rectangle!!!!!! And for optimum heart health and to keep me at a low risk for type 2 diabetes and a bunch of other not-fun things, I should have a waist measuring under 35". *sigh* Depressing.

Todays foodies:
-Special K with banana & soymilk
-half basket of yellow plums (20?)
-more fudge (4-5pc?) **It's all gone now - hurray!)
-4 pc oatmeal/brown bread toast with PB & J
-handful goldfish crackers
-Large portion 4 cheese noodles with baked chicken breast

Plus side: ummmmmmm
Minus side: Fudge headache continues.

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