Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28

Finally, some sunshine!!!!!!

-Special K with banana, yogurt & soymilk
-large coffee with choc soy milk
-"1990's Harvest" at Cora's - raisin brioche (2), 1 egg, bacon, lots of fruit, maple syrup, plus a side of potatoes
- iced tea
-most of Felix's kid-sized fruit cocktail smoothy
-1 small piece fudge (only 1!!!!!!!)
-215 grams organic raisins (testing to see if it's the sulphites in regular raisins that effect me so badly)
-roast beef with rice and green beans
-2 pc oatmeal toast with PB&J
-1 oz-ish mozza cheese
-several handfuls of M&Ms (sorry, Jay!)

Plus side:
Lots of walking! Went downtown and back (5km). Went to pick up Elliot from daycare wearing Felix on my back (<2km)

Minus side:
Ate until bursting at lunch.

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