Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15

162 lbs. Evening. Clothed.

Plus side:
-jogged most of way to exercise class this morning (1.5 km), walked back (1.5 km)
-gave a good 75% at my Mommies in Motion class - Tina worked us hard, doing jumping jacks, squats and abs for 45 minutes
-healthy supper of baked salmon, rice, peas & corn

Minus side:
-consumed 131g box Mint Chocolate Buds (705 cal, 37g fat), 250g Twizzlers (855 cal, 3.2g fat), 1 glass wine (50 cal)
-sat on my butt for most of the rest of the day

Holy crap. Just writing out those figures is enough to make me sick. This will be good self-accountability.

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