Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11

Ok, I need to get serious.

CURB dairy
REMOVE refined sugar

LIMIT computer time
night waking to improve quality of sleep and increase energy

REMOVE temptations

-2 pc cheesy bread with butter
-rice krispies with yogurt, blueberries, soymilk
-lg coffee with cream
-2 nectarines
-scrambled egg white on 2 pc cheesy bread toast with butter
-1/3 bag salt & vinegar chips (sorry Jay)
-3 handfuls of M&Ms (Sorry Jay)
-"Lunch box Ham" *
-200g organic raisins (Sorry Jay - my raisin experiment isn't going so well)
-1 pear
-1 pint blueberries
-tofu & rice & snap peas with thai spices & soy sauce
-lots of water
-lots of corn chips and hummus

Plus side:
-Resumed 30 Day Shred, level 1
-Slow walk with Felix in the carrier, 4k

Minus side:
Ok lady... you didn't follow your new rules today. This is your first warning.

Went overboard with mindless eating while reading on the couch this afternoon. Also don't have any fingernails left. Bad habit. Stupid oral fixation or something whilst lost in a book. I've tried chewing gum, but it's not the same.

***Regarding the lunch box ham: a seriously messed up little thing I'd picked up for Elliot one day, as a treat since we were having a busy day. (It's a store brand "Lunchables") After reading the nutritional info, I'm glad he didn't eat it. And I'm sorry I was the one to eat it. Contained enough chemicals to mummify me and lovely buzz words like "processed cheese food"; "chocolatey coated". 370 cal and 21 g fat per serving: 8 slices ham, 8 slices "cheese", 8 crackers and 3 cookies. Pure yum. Blech!

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the cantons said...

Mmmmmmm.... cheese bread. I feel your food pain. At least you exercise, something about walking in a city is nice. Out here I am just walking by some nosey neighbours. In order to fit into my dress for Holly's wedding AND breathe, I am on a calorie restrcited diet. AND IT IS HORRIBLE!!!!