Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 6

Ack. I reweighed myself, unclothed, before bed last night and it was lower: 163. Apparently, my thin tank top and yoga pants weigh 4 lbs. Who knew? But on a crappier note, I still gained 2 lbs in the last week and now I'm heaver than my starting weight.

Muscle mass. It has to be... yep. We'll go with that.

-Starbucks half-caf coffee with cream
-Starbucks date & oat muffin
-California roll sushi with spicy sauce & salad
-4 nectarines
-2 pints blueberries
-1/4 bag raisins (20g, maybe?)
-small handful M&Ms
-blueberry yop drink
-apple juice
-4 cookies
-Moroccan stew & rice (tomato, chick peas, sweet potato, green pepper, spices)
-1 pc fudge

Plus side:
Lots of appointments = lots of walking (9km total - 3 km with Felix in the carrier), 30DS~L1

Minus side:
Doing so well until picking Elliot up from daycare and they were having a bake sale. Yum.

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