Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 5

Ugh. This can't be right: 167, clothed. Must weigh myself again before bed. I can't possibly have gained 6 lbs in 1 week! Goddamn fudge.

Today passed by in a blur. I'm an emotional eater and let me tell you, on days after sleepless nights with cranky and sick boys, I'm liable to eat anything and everything. Let's see if I can recall everything from today...

-2pc whole wheat toast with PB & J
-Special K with blueberries & soy milk
-large coffee with cream
-piece of pear
-handful of stolen M&Ms
-several baby crackers
-200g organic raisins.
-1/2 turkey club sandwich (turkey, honey mustard, bacon, lettuce, tomato)
-small Tim Horton's Iced Cap
-piece of banana muffin
-1.5 pints blueberries
-1 apple
-4 oz (?) mozza
-basamati rice with peas, 5 meatballs with bbq sauce

Plus side:
1 km walk with the boys, 30DS~1

Minus side:
Too much too much too much! Portion control, woman! Will power! YOU CAN DO IT!

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