Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 3 & 4

October 3
-leftover breakfast risotto with soy milk & raisins (yummmmy!)
-lg coffee with choc soy milk
-2 pc toast with PB & J
- banana
-grilled cheese sandwich
-small bowl BBQ chips
-2/3 pan fudge (14 pc?) * this is actually me showing restraint, as I made 4 pans.)
-3 tacos with meat, cheese, tomato, lettuce

Plus side:
lots of walking around the grocery store

October 4th
-lg coffee with choc soy milk
-last of breakfast risotto
-1 tea biscuit
-3 cinnamon rolls
-med coffee with cream
-2 pears
-1 bowl homemade chicken, veggie, barley soup
-6 soda crackers
-3 mini bags plain chips (42 g)
-1/3 pan of fudge (7? pc)
-1/2 bag pink M&Ms
-salmon & lemon risotto
-2 scoop cool whip with frozen strawberries & blueberries

Plus side:
2 km walk

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