Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21, day 5

Today, I'm craving raisins. Go figure. Picked up some Yoso vanilla soy yogurt at the grocery store this morning. Haven't tried it yet. It contains dextrose, fructose, cane juice, & yeast extract, so it's definitely not candida-diet approved, but maybe I can work on my "all things in moderation" problem. Still, it supposedly only has 4g of sugars per 1/2 cup serving. (Hmmm, the nutritional info on their website doesn't match up with what it on the container in my fridge. Curious.)

I woke up with a headache this morning and it's still there. Trying to flood it away with lots of water, but no luck so far. Maybe some tea will help? Or, maybe it's just residual aching left over from my chiro appointment yesterday. Nah, it's in the front of my head, as well as my neck.

~Today's Foodies~

Breakfast, 9am:
Organic, plain puffed corn cereal with plain soy milk & a banana, lg coffee with plain soy milk (Plain, but it still has added sugar. Once this carton is empty, I'm switching to the unsweetened version.)

Snack, 10:30am:
Apple, 1/4 package rice crackers (25 g)

Lunch, 12:15pm:
Brown rice noodles with homemade sauce: cooked & pureed tomato, red pepper, squash, garlic, spices. Pecan Larabar (oops - 18g naturally occurring sugars, from the dates. But, damn, it was good!), 3 Ryvita & sesame crackers with almond butter (Rye grain still contains gluten, though it's supposedly much less of an allergen than wheat gluten.)

Snack:, 3pm
Pomegranate green tea, 1/2 package rice crackers (50g), lemon dill hummus

Supper, 5pm:
2 black bean burgers (made with freshly ground puffed rice cereal crumbs instead of bread crumbs), sweet potato fries, sliced tomato, guacamole, applesauce (100ml)

Plus side:
165 lbs this morning, after breakfast
2 km walk wearing Felix

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