Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bah humbug!

Ok, so I'm still riding that sugar train, but I'm slowly making my way to the door. I just need to keep myself surrounded by foods I'm allowed to eat and need to make sure I don't get hungry - that's when I'm likely to fall upon a plate of cookies.

In a way, I'm glad I had this 'fall from grace' because it's been a good reminder about just how badly sugar effects me. Within 30 minutes, I have a headache and jitters. I get lethargic and aggressive (yes, a weird combo, I agree) and have an extremely short fuse. Long term effects are constant tiredness and the itching is coming back.

So, I must wean myself off again. But I will have to try again tomorrow, as today is already screwed.

Breakfast, 7:30
Steel cut oatmeal with apples & cinnamon
lg coffee with almond milk

Snack, 10am
Pumpkin spelt cranberry muffin

Snack, 12pm
2 ryvita crackers with almond butter
4 gingerbread men cookies, complete with icing and sprinkles

Lunch, 1pm
Turkey casserole, with carrots (sugar) but no stuffing (bread) or cranberry sauce (sugar)

Snack, 3pm
Chai 'latte' made with almond milk
3 ryvita crackers with goat cheese
1 mini Lindor dark chocolate truffle
1 gingerbreadman with sprinkles & icing

Supper, 5pm
Turkey noodle veggie soup (made with ginger, garlic, onion, Braggs soy sauce, rice noodles & homemade stock = DELISH!!!)
3 Buckwheat/brown rice biscuits
1 slice lemon meringue pie (couldn't pass it up, my ultimate fave pie!)

Snack, 7pm
1 gingerbread man cookie

Snack, 9pm
1 buckwheat biscuit

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Anonymous said...

Oops and then you come to my house and are surrounded by goodies. Sorry... But I had a good time. Nanny J