Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10th

Snack, 7:30
Pumpkin muffin
Lg coffee with choc almond milk

Breakfast, 10:30am
Tim Horton's biscuit & egg sandwich, plus one tasty bite of bacon
Tim Horton's small decaf coffee with milk

Snack, 11:30am
Pumpkin muffin

Snack, ?
Pumpkin muffin, 2 pumpkin cookies

Lunch, 1:30
Vitamin soup with veggies & goat's feta
Pumpkin muffin

Snack, 3pm
Pumpkin muffin

And at 4:18, I snapped and had 1 homemade chocolate cookie with a raspberry jam bellybutton

*sigh* (Oh, but it was so totally worth it!!!!)

Supper, 7pm
Sliced pork roast, salad (romaine, carrots, red cabbage, feta, cucumber, tomato), corn chips with guacamole

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