Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12th

No real meals today, besides supper, here's the timeline, as best as I can recall:

Lg coffee with choc almond milk
1/2 banana

2 pumpkin muffins from Gluten Free Goodies

1 pumpkin muffin from Gluten Free Goodies

A couple of strawberries
Several handfuls of chips
2 pieces pizza - full dairy, wheat, yeast, cheese, hopefully minimal sugar. It didn't even taste good - after 3.5 weeks without, it made me feel heavy & tired. Well, at least I didn't cheat on my "diet" with cake - because there was plenty of that thee, too! Took the boys to a birthday party.

Supper, 6pm
Large chickpea salad with cucumber, tomato, green pepper, goat feta
4 (small) pieces dairy/yeast/sugar free potato bread (Gluten Free Goodies) with Imperial margarine

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