Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7th

My times are all over the place today - here's hoping I don't miss something!

Breakfast, 8am
1/2 banana
oatmeal (yep, the one with the forbidden honey, currents & cranberries) with goat yogurt
pumpkin muffin

Snack, 10:30
pumpkin muffin

Lunch, 12
lobster and goat cheese on foccacia bread

Snack, 1pm
Lg coffee with choc almond milk

Snack, 3pm
Small Tim Horton's decaf coffee with *gasp* milk
Tim Horton's plain tea biscuit (4g sugar, unknown dairy/wheat)
Approx 1/4 cup almonds

Supper, 5pm
Foccacia bread
1 grape

Snack, 8pm

Snack, 9pm
Foccacia bread with goat's cheese

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