Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 22

Oh dear oh dear, the barfies have hit our house, among other things. So far, I'm mostly healthy... *fingers crossed*... not that my food choices today are doing much to extend my life or keep my heart beating normally.

Breakfast, 7-9:30am
1.5 pc whole wheat toast with butter
1.5 double chocolate gluten free cookies
2 small glasses apple juice
1/2 apple
lg bowl raisin bran cereal with almond milk
handful cheese crackers

Lunch, 1:30
Leftover lasagna: ground beef, tomato sauce, veggies, spinach noodles, cottage cheese, mozza
Cadbury Easter Egg

Snack, 2:30
Xtreme Cream Creamsicle
BBQ chips
Lg orange juice

(yeah - totally not following any sort of healthy meal plan)

Snack, 4ish
Handful M&Ms
Handful peanut brittle

Supper, 5:30
Swiss Chalet chicken wrap (bacon, mayo, cheese)
Chicken noodle soup
lemon pie
Few crackers

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