Saturday, May 29, 2010


Jelly belongs in donuts. Or on toast. Or ice cream.

Not in my thighs.

Went back to the gym this morning, did another 30 minutes on the cross trainer and then some stretches and ab work. Came home, did some lunch things with the boys, then packed Elliot up to go do some errands before a birthday party he was invited to. Well, of course we ended up behind schedule and found ourselves with 15 minutes to make a 45 minute trek. And there weren't any buses around. Elliot fell asleep in the stroller. And so I began to run. I would run a block, which was between 50-75 paces, then walk across the intersection, then run some more. I was red and panting and hot when we arrived, but we were only 20 minutes late. And then the real fun started.

Drinking now. Cosmopolitans make everything better.

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