Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ok, ok, I'm car a already. Geesh!

Someone wise recently told me that we, as a society, tend to put a lot of money into our cars. Buying the right car. Watching the gas prices. Regular upkeep. Oil changes, little repairs so that this car will last another year. Or at least 10. What's the average lifespan of a car, anyways? We can drop $800 (grudgingly, angrily) in order to keep the car running. It needs this part to driiiiive!

And yet, so few of us take the same care of our bodies. Don't want to spend a few bucks on vitamins. Or eat healthy food. Or do regular maintenance - haircuts, working out, relaxing, enjoying life. And we just blindly expect our bodies - our livelihood - to last 70, 80, 90 years and more without protest.

Ok. So I don't even own a car. But that just means I'm even more dependent on the health and strength of my body to get me around. And yet I persist in overfeeding it crap and lazing about. And I complain I have no energy or motivation.

Well, to that I say, "No more!"

I did 2 wonderful things for myself this week. I spent $$ on a new haircut that makes me feel pretty. And I've just gotten back from my first work out at a gym in over 3 years. I even went so far as joining the gym right off the bat - a 6 month membership - instead of getting a trial week pass or something I could weasel out of more easily. Yes, I spent money on myself. Money I don't really have at the moment, but it's an investment in my future. In the future of my family. What have you done for yourself this week?


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Good for you!