Monday, June 28, 2010

A long jaunt

Decided to hike over the bridge on the weekend, across the harbour. Brought the whole family. The boys rode in the stroller for most of it, but were very excited to run across the bridge. Loved looking at the ships and ferries in the water.

We were all exhausted and cranky by time we came home. And no wonder - when we mapped out our route, it was 5.1 kilometers in each direction!

In other news, as I got out of the shower this morning, I caught sight of my shadow on the bathroom wall. It was lumpy in all the right places. And a few wrong ones. I actually had to stop and grab at rolls of flesh to identify them in the shadow-me. Do you know I'm developing saddle-bags? Those oh-so-delightful rolls of flesh between your butt and hips. I'm not sure if I'm feeling disgusted or defeated.

I really must make an effort to go back to the gym. Thinking about it and eating chocolate just isn't cutting it.

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