Sunday, July 11, 2010

Detox, day 5

I looked really hard, but I guess I was mistaken about seeing HoneyNut Cheerios on the list of today's foods. Sorry about that, my bad!

I'm getting pretty bored with this detox plan. I knew I would, that's not a surprise. I just didn't expwct to want to give up so badly. Only 7 days!!!!! Day 3 was a near write-off, as I'm certain gin & soda, mac & cheese, nachos and 6 bacon-wrapped-scallops were also not on the list. Hubby had a crew party and I couldn't stick to fruits & veggies all night! (Of which I also ate a lot, too.) My tummy was sooooo satisfied that night. No gnawing hunger!!!

For the most part, I am following the steps. I'm just also adding in other things. But trying realllllly hard to keep them to tiny portions. Sort of a losing battle with those HoneyNut Cheerios, though. Damn, them things are tasty!

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