Thursday, July 8, 2010

Detox, day 2

Got on the scale last night and was a whopping 170. Haven't been that high in a while. We'll see where I am at the end of the detox week.

Today is the all soup and veggies day. Doing ok. There's a constant gnawing hunger, but it's semi-appeased with carrot sticks. I want bread. Thick, crusty bread. Maybe with cheese.

I know this is a drastic change for my body, as it's used to consuming easily 3000 calories per day. And now it gets soup??? Tomorrow will be easier, as I get veggies AND fruit. More options that way.

My tummy keeps telling me that corn chips are still vegetables. That if I go to the natural food section of the grocery store and get plain, organic ones and then make some simple guacamole (avocado and garlic), that I would still be eating according to the detox diet. YEAH RIGHT! It's a pretty persistent little whisper, though. Mighty convincing.

Tonight's supper of "Vegetable Stir Fry" : most of a zucchini, half an onion, some broccoli & cauliflower, a celery stalk, some red pepper, and about a cup of 'Asian-style' frozen veggies. Spiced with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and a red pepper garlic. Used a bit of water and half steamed, half fried everything in a covered pan.

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