Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cauliflower cake?

Last night's cauliflower cake was amazing. Felix ate 3 pieces. Hubby went back for another. Elliot picked at his, but he also ate 2 servings of leafy salad - something he's never done before. This cake has magical powers, everyone!

I didn't have any turmeric, so it's not nicely yellow like in the Smitten Kitchen post. I also used a full carton of egg whites. And a tub of freshly grated Romano cheese. It was like a dense mac & cheese. And so surprisingly good!

From what I can recall, yesterday's foodies went something like this:

-Decaf chai tea latte
-about 6 bread rolls from Julian's French Bakery, some with mozza cheese
-chocolate croissant, also from Julian's
-3 "Sweet & Salty" granola bars
-a blueberry Yop drink
-cauliflower cake with green beans and salad
-glass of white wine
- leftovers in a bag of Doritos chips

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