Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 23rd Groceries

Still on a veggie-heavy kick. Got a few new things to try this week, too...

New this week:
*Tonight we're going to try Cauliflower Cake, as featured on Smitten Kitchen
*Thursday's Asian Chicken is courtesy of What's For Supper? Pre-assembled, frozen, homestyle cooking. We order 6-12 meals from them a couple of times a year. Someday, I'll actually go in and prepare the meals myself - until then, we pay a bit extra and have them ready and waiting for us to pick up.

I'm off of caffeine, have been for over a week now (go me!) so I've been buying tea latte mixes. I'm hooked on a Tazo Chai Latte mix, but it is soooooo high in sugar (plus I'm drinking 3 a day!) I need to find a less sweet alternative. I think I saw a decaf green tea mix last time.  Must investigate.

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