Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17

Hmmmmm, maybe a better title for this blog would be "The one where I talk about what I ate today"... if anyone wants to calculate the total calories/fat I consume in a day and post it in a comment, by all means knock yourself out, dear reader!

Today's foods:
-2pc whole wheat toast with peanut butter & blueberry jam
-lots of plain grapefruit juice (aka "evil death juice", as per Jay)
-1/4ish cup of raisins
-1/4ish cup of plain almonds
-large half-decaf coffee with chocolate soy milk
-2 pc tomato/pineapple/bacon pizza
-2pc garlic fingers
-1/2 All-Bran honey nut cereal bar
-1 bag plain microwave popcorn (300 cal, 5 g fat)
-1 large "tiger butter" candy apple (chocolate and caramel dip)
-1/3 banana
-2 servings homemade "Cheesy rice & sausage" (1% milk, butter, flour, cheddar cheese, spices, sausage, basamati rice, peas)
-1 small apple
-most of a large bag (250 g) of Doritos

Plus side:
-walked to mall & grocery store (3 km total)

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