Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 18

Soooooo, the following list is due to the wonderful time had by all at Holly's stagette in Mahone Bay.

-2 pc ww toast with PB & jam
-coffee w/choc soymilk
-grapefruit juice
-cheesy rice & sausage
-lots of chips
-lots of chocolate
-lobster dip & baguette
-chicken & veggie sandwich
-spinach salad
-chocolate mocha cheesecake
-celery & carrot sticks
-3 nectarines
-sweedish berry candies
-1/3 banana
- 4 glass wine
-2 gin & sprite
-lots of peanut butter fudge

Plus side:
Lots of walking on a scavenger hunt in the rain (2+ km)
Swimming - treaded water for at least 10 minutes

Minus side:
Too much alcohol and crap food.... !!! But oh so enjoyable!

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