Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19

Nice family day today... long walk, good food, lots of sunshine, then a nap for all...

-2pc ww toast w/PB & J
-grapefruit juice
-coffee with choc soymilk
-All-Bran honey nut cereal bar
-Chicken veggie sandwich
-garden salad
-3 large glasses of iced tea
-3 nectarines
-1 apple
-handful of raisins
-Dairy Queen peanut buster parfait
-hotdog with ketchup
-1/2 bag whole wheat goldfish crackers

Plus side:
Long walk to the waterfront to look at the Tall Ships, wearing Felix in one direction. (6.5 km total), a good 2 km of the return trip was uphill.

Minus side:
Peanut buster parfait, 3 glasses of iced tea!

I need to get more balanced meals, higher protein, lower sugar/carbs. And I need to eat a bigger breakfast than just toast!

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