Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 11-12

-fruit oatmeal crisp
-lg coffee with cream
-raisin bran muffin
-granola bar
-med fruit smoothie
-2 pc toast with PB & J
-2 cheese sticks
-boxed mac & cheese with peas & cheddar
-club soda with cranberry juice and a splash of gin
-1 glass white wine
-Swiss Chalet chicken club wrap, fries with 4oz gravy, 2 slices pickle, 1 roll

Plus side:
Fast 3m walk, plus lots of mall walking

Did weekly weigh in out of weekly order: 163, unclothed, evening

-fruit oatmeal crisp with soymilk
-3 pc toast with PB & J
-lg coffee with choc soy milk
-handful of granola
-10? chocolate cookies
-sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes with dip
-corn chips with layered dip (cheese, sour cream, guac, beans, salsa)
-1 sausage with ketchup, no bun
-chocolate mousse
-2 cups fruit punch
-few bites of scrambled eggs
-5 chocolate mint cookies
-1 palm-sized well done steak
-5 store bought pirogies with sour cream

Plus side:
One 1 km walk
An hour walking around a grocery store, pushing an unbalanced and heavy cart

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