Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In which I make my return...

Well, there's no point in rehashing the last week. I ate a lot. Of everything. Some healthy. Most not. In my defense, I had my first menstrual cycle in almost 2 years, so I guess that made me hungry. And insane. Or at the very least unable to rationalize more than usual. Oy!

October 23 marked 100 days since starting this blog. And I've not met any of my expectations. How to get back on track? I'm not motivated enough, for some reason. You'd think returning to the work force full time in another 3 months would be enough of a bee up my butt to get me going. Helllloooo, new professional wardrobe? COME ON, girl, you know you love to shop for business attire!

At last weigh in, I was maintaining 167 lbs. Unclothed. My mother-in-law asked me yesterday if I'd lost weight. Sweet, clueless lady. I thanked her and took a quick look at my swollen pseudo-prego stomach and sighed.

October 27th
Today's foodies

-Just Right cereal with soy milk & 1/2 banana
-lg coffee with choc soy milk
-single decaf mocha
-blueberry lemon sugar muffin
-sushi: spicy tuna roll
-dill chickpea salad, with onion & red & green pepper
-1/4 banana bread
-13o ml orange juice
-100g Toblerone chocolate bar
-1/2 Pretzelmaker pretzel, plain (no butter/salt)
-50g plain, whole almonds
-2 servings rice with soya sauce, herbed tofu, shredded carrots, cauliflower stirfry
-approx 200g mini-marshmallows
-peels from 2 apples
-1 glass white wine

Plus side:
Crap load of walking. 6+ hours, pushing the double stroller, and approx 10 km (honest!)


Anonymous said...

Yay your back!!! :) What a walk!!

Nancy said...

Keep at it Aimee. You're motivating me to keep getting back on track!! Have you tried www.sparkpeople.com? (I think that's it).

Sending you skinny thoughts!
xo, Nancy your bestesttaxfriend. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back! Have you ever tried limiting your sugar intake to see if that might help with your cravings? Just a thought! :)

Rainyday said...

Ahhh yes, the infamous "limit your sugar intake" idea. Yes, in a nut shell, it's exactly what I need to do. But apparently having kids has made me unable to give it up for more than 10 days at a time. And 10 days is not long enough to have good results - quite the opposite. It's just long enough for the body to start fighting back with illness. (Normal)... *sigh* I really need to get back on that sugar free train. But wahhhhh! I don't wanna!