Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, day 8

Had a consult with my naturopath today. Here are the modifications to my current no sugar/dairy/gluten regime: Take 6-10 garlic capsules per day, take 6 probiotics per day, limit myself to 1 pc of fruit per day. I can have goat cheese. She said that since for me, sugar is the #1 bad-ass, if I have to slip some dairy/wheat in there to get by, then that's what I need to do. And my ultimate goal is 6 MONTHS (*gulp*) on the plan, since I have some pretty hardcore symptoms of candida overgrowth.., (Biggest one is the extreme underarm itching I've struggled with for 2 years. I've tried everything possible to make it go away on my own.) But my immediate goal needs to be to make it to Christmas, and then if I must indulge in sweets, to try not to go overboard. Yeah, we'll see. But then right back on that wagon. (Of course, the more sugar I eat over the holidays, then the longer I'm going to have to stay on this plan. Bugger.)

~Todays Foodies~

Breakfast, 7:30am
Organic plain corn pops with plain soy milk
Lg coffee with plain soy milk

Snack 10am
4 rice crackers

Snack 12pm
4 ryvita & sesame crackers with almond butter
Lunch, 1:30:
Lg egg white frittata with parmesean, broccoli & ham (probably equal to 6 egg whites)
Lg coffee with plain soy milk

Snack 3:30:
3.5 ryvita crackers

Supper 6pm
Swiss Chalet Chopped Salad, minus the craisins, plus avocado & tomato, with lemon garlic dressing. (440 cal, 27g fat, 13g sugars, but that's with the craisins included, so this should be ok.)

Snack: 8pm
Rice crackers, baby carrots (ooooh, the sugar!) and hummus.

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